Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Hey there beauties! Welcome back to Tips and Tricks Tuesday!! Lets get started!

So, you know how we all have those thick, full, juicy Angelina Jolie lips, right? *crickets*. Okay then. Well if you are one of my ladies who wishes that she DID have a fuller pout, you can actually CREATE one without using collagen injections or those awful lip plumpers that burn and tingle when they are on your lips. Follow these simple steps to create the pout of your dreams:

1. Choose a natural colores lip liner that matches the color of your lips.

2. Using your lip pencil, line both the top and bottom lips.

3. Instead of following the exact shape of your top lip and creating a "cupid's bow" (the dip in the center of your upper lip), line your lip straight across.

4. Fill in your lips with your lip pencil.

5. Apply lip color (lipstick, lip gloss, etc.)

6. Voila!! Enjoy your brand new set of Angelina lips!!

Try it out and enjoy!!

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