Sunday, October 9, 2011

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask Review

Hey there beauties! I have a product review for you! I was leaving work at CVS on Friday and I decided that over the weekend, I would give my hair a little TLC. I've always been very diligent with deep conditioning my hair. Usually, I do a deep conditioning treatment at least every other week to keep my hair hydrated, shiny, and in tip-top condition. But somehow, I started slacking. I think the summer kind of threw me off because I spent so much time with my hair curly and I would just put a good leave-in conditioner in my hair and go. But now that we are getting into the cooler weather, and I'm finding myself using more heat on my hair (I've been blowdrying my hair straight and flat ironing it...I hate wet hair in cold weather...not a good combo), I felt that I should do something special for Giselle (for those of you who dont know, Giselle is my hair...we have a great relationship and are on a first name basis).

So as I was saying, before leaving the beauty department for the weekend, I strolled down the hair care aisle into the Salon section (I'm a bit of a product snob...I dont use mass brand products usually). For months now, I've been intrigued by the Macadamia Natural Oil hair care brand. I had never tried anything from the line though, so I figured this weekend would be a great time to try their Deep Repair Mask. I didnt want to purchase the full size product because I wasnt sure if I would love it, so instead, I bought a small packet that retails for $5.99 (I received my employee discount though).

On Saturday morning, I taught my Zumba class, came home and jumped in the shower. I washed my hair with Alterna's Bamboo Smooth shampoo, and then cracked open the Macadamia Deep Repair Mask packet. Immediately, the pleasant smell filled my shower. I really cant explain what it smelled like, but it was fabulous...nice and clean, yet fragrant. I squeezed the mask into my hand and knew just from the texture of the product that it was going to be hydrating. The mask wasnt very "thick", but it was creamy...honestly, it almost reminded me of a whipped butter consistency. The product was heavy enough without being heavy...if that makes any sense to you at all lol. I started on my ends and worked the product up to my roots. I have a lot of thick, curly, dry hair, so I ended up using the entire packet.
After applying the Macadamia Deep Repair Mask to my entire head, I split my hair down the middle into two sections, and clipped each section up. Then I went about the rest of my shower business. The mask was in my hair for a total of maybe 12 minutes...I didnt cover my head with a cap or use any heat source other than the heat and steam from the shower water. Once I was done with everything else, I used my trusty, wonderful Denman brush and began to detangle. Detangling was honestly a breeze. Aside from some minor knots that I had to work out (I actually very rarely brush my hair lol...when I wear it curly, I usually detangle with my fingers as not to disturb the curl pattern and create frizz), my brush practically glided through my hair. After I finished detangling and rinsing the mask, my hair felt so hydrated that I didnt even need to use another conditioner like I usually do.

To finish my hair, I used very little styling dropper of Alterna's Kendi Oil, and about 2 pea-sized squirts of Alterna's Caviar Perfect Blowout Creme, focusing mostly on the ends. Blowdrying was also a breeze. I finished blowdrying in about 45 minutes...which is TOTALLY unheard of for me! I usually take over an hour for my whole head of hair to be dried and straight. When my hair was finally dry, it was noticeably more hydrated and felt hydrated as well. Here's what my hair looks like today!

Last, but not least, here are the ingredients. I was very pleased to see that this brand is cruelty free, paraben free, and alcohol free (Cetearyl Alcohol is a fatty alcohol used as an emulsifier and is not drying to the hair).

Overall, I was very pleased with this mask. After using it, I can now say that I would definitely purchase a larger size, and I would also keep a few packets on hand for deep conditioning treatments for my on-location clients!


  1. Funny I was looking at this at Ulta yesterday. Unfortunately I have a return to make to Ulta so I'll be back in there today I might pick this up. Are you planning on trying any of their other products? They also have an oil

  2. Wow, crazy and unfortunate that I'm just now seeing this comment :-/ What a horrible delay!! As of yet, I have not tried any of their other products, however a friend of mine recently asked me about them, and now I am probably going to give a few of their products a try. I'm HUGE on cream leave-in conditioners, so I would like to try that, and the oil as well. I hope that you had a chance to try some of the Macadamia products. If so, and if you see this comment, please let me know. I'd love to hear your experience and feedback!!