Thursday, October 6, 2011

Top 5 Reasons Why I LOVE Arbonne

Good day all!! Hope you're all having a fabulous day and enjoying the beautiful fall weather!

I just had a quick conversation with a new friend out in Florida. As many of you know, I am an Independent Consultant with a beauty/wellness brand called Arbonne International. This new friend of mine has a friend who is involved in the business, and now my new friend (we'll just call him "Smarty"!) is looking to incorporate Arbonne products into his makeup artistry business. So, as I started telling Smarty a little about why Arbonne is great for a makeup artists business, I began to realize exactly why I LOVE these products and the company. I'd love to share my top 5 reasons with ya!

1. Ingredient/Formulation Policy. Arbonne is not made with just ANY ingredients. We are botanically based, meaning that we use plant, flower, fruit, vegetable, and herb extracts to create our products. We also do not include mineral oils, synthetic dyes or fragrance in our formulations. Lastly, we are 100% vegan friendly, and most of our products are gluten free! I love that we really ARE creating pure, safe, beneficial products!

2. The products that we create promote beauty and wellbeing from the inside out...literally! We have a crazy product range from nutritionals, to skin care, to cosmetics, to detoxification, to aromatherapy...and our products are for all ages! We have men's skin care, womens, acne care, anti-aging, and even a baby line. There is no one who can't use Arbonne products. Our full range truly brings health and beauty together, and helps you create a beautiful body from the inside out...which is something that not many lines have managed to do.

3. I'm a makeup artist. And as I was telling Smarty, Arbonne allows me, as a makeup artist, to offer my clients products of superior quality that they can't find in stores. My clients must order directly through me because they can't just go to Macy's, Nordstrom, or even CVS to get these products. In my business, this also strengthens my relationship with clients because they are constantly relying on me to find out what's new, what's out, or what they can use for certain concerns. I offer them something EXCLUSIVE that they aren't getting anywhere else, and I truly la-la-love that!!

4. These products WORK!! Simple as that! Arbonne fuses beneficial, clean ingredients with cutting edge technology and proprietary ingredient blends to create effective products that deliver REsults! My favorite Arbonne technology is our Opti-light technology found in the cosmetics...creates a flawless complexion, and is a fave of makeup artists, photographers, and all of mankind!! ;)

5. Lastly, Arbonne allows me to help others. Whether by offering product solutions for a clients skin or nutrition concerns, by offering an income solution for a stay at home mom or someone who is unemployed, or offering a career change to someone who has fallen in love with the beauty and wellness industry...ARBONNE lets ME (little old Melissa Wilson from little old Rhode Island) be a part of something bigger. It allows me to teach and train others how to do the same. And THAT is what I love the most!!

So there you have it! My top 5 reasons why I love Arbonne! Hope that you might discover that you love it too!!

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