Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Good morning beauties!! Welcome back to Tips and Tricks Tuesday!! Hope everyone enjoyed their Colombus Day weekend, and that your week is off to a fabulous start!!

Today, my tip is for my fellow curly-haired girls. Us curlies tend to struggle a lot with frizzy curls. Thats why a lot of us actually prefer to blow our hair straight and flat iron it. But today, I have a tip that will help you to beat the frizz embrace your curls!

Here's what you do:

1. While in the shower, wet your hair so that it is thoroughly soaked.

2. Using a sulfate free shampoo, gently wash your scalp, avoiding the ends of your hair. *Purpose is to remove any dirt, oil, or product buildup from the scalp, not to strip oils from the hair.*

3. After shampooing, rinse hair thoroughly, and let shampoo and water run through the ends of the hair.

4. Use a hydrating conditioner. Use a lot of it. Like, a lot. Starting at your ends, and working your way up to the roots. Make sure that the conditioner has coated your entire head of hair.

5. Allow the conditioner to absorb into your hair by leaving it on while you finish up in the shower.

6. Now, here is the frizz buster. Instead of detangling your hair with a comb or brush. Use your fingers. Take small sections of the hair, and begining at the ends, use your fingers to work any knots and tangles out. Apply more conditioner if needed to do this, and work your way up to the roots.
*By no combs or brushes, I mean no combs or brushes! Not even a wide tooth comb, or one of those shower combs! By combing and brushing the hair, we are disturbing the hair's natural curl pattern, thus creating frizz. Instead, by finger combing the hair, we are detangling, but keeping the natural curl pattern intact.*

7. Rinse 90% of conditioner out. Leave a little in to help hold the curl, and also keep your hair hydrated throughout the day. During this step, you will also apply gel or any other styling product if you use it.

8. Using either a cotton t-shirt, or microfiber towel, scrunch hair up towards the scalp. This will not only remove excess water, but also will help to define your curls.

9. DONT TOUCH YOUR HAIR!!! Let your hair air-dry, or dry with a diffuser, but once you have applied your product to it, let it be! By touching the hair, we create frizz! Let your hair become at least 80% dry before touching it. Once it it almost dry, you can scrunch the hair more to separate your curls or create more volume.

So curlies, I hope this is helpful. Give this method a try. I've been using it for a while now, and I must say that the more I do it, the less frizz I see in my hair, and the more defined my curls become. I'll have to post a picture for you. Also, if you'd like some product recommendations, feel free to ask!!

Alright ladies (and curly gents)...stay curly and stay beautiful!

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