Saturday, February 11, 2012

M.A.W.Beauty Hair &Makeup Studio In the Providence American

Hey there guys and girls! I'm so excited to share this with you! I was aware that there would be a write-up about my new salon, M.A.W.Beauty Hair & Makeup Studio, in the Providence American Newspaper, but it was such an amazing thing to acutally SEE the write-up.

I was in a nail salon close by the studio, waiting for my mani/pedi, when I noticed a stack of the free publication sitting on the window sill next to me! I quickly grabbed a copy and turned through the pages until I found the article that I had been looking for! It was such a great write up! You get to learn a little bit about myself and my experience as a stylist, and also my vision for the salon. I feel so blessed that you guys get to know me in a little way through this.

Please check out the article for yourself! Its online at the Providence American website!

Hope you all enjoy! Thanks for reading!!

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