Saturday, January 28, 2012

NEW SEGMENT: Just My Opinion

Hey there beauties!! So while I was in the salon today (in case you didnt know, I opened a salon back in November! More about that later!), I was thinking about all the products that I like and have tried, and decided that I should tell you all more about them. This simple thought sparked a fabulous idea in my head! I'm going to start a new blog/vlog segment called "Just My Opinion"! I'm really excited about this segment, and I'm not sure why I didnt think of it sooner!

In "Just My Opinion", I will quickly tell you about a product that I've tried, and simply give you my opinion on it. I'll tell you if I love it or hate it, and I'll tell you what I like or dont like about it. I'll tell you if I feel that the price point is fair for the quality or amount of product purchased. I'll just give my personal feedback! I'm really excited because I've had a youtube account for some time now, but hadn't really been inspired to use it. But today, I finally found a reason :)

So, what you can expect from me and my new "Just My Opinion" segment is an honest opinion, of course. You will see written reviews, as well as video reviews. And I promise they wont bore you to sleep. I cant wait to get the first one up! Alright good people, I must go and work on getting the first review up now! I'll post when its done!

Stay fabulous!

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