Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bridal Beauty Trends

This bridal season, there are quite a few fabulous beauty trends that I'm excited to see. When it comes to bridal, I have a very classic and natural style, however, I also love the vintage 1950's look as well. I'm so happy to see that both of my favorite styles are becoming more popular and will be seen on brides all season!

Here are my top 3 bridal trends for the upcoming 2012 Bridal Season:

1. Bold Lips.
I think this may be my favorite. Brides will be wearing more of a "stand-out" lip this season, which is think is great. Faces will be kept very natural and dewy looking, but the lip will be more of a "pop" color. Tangerine, corals, pinks, plums, and reds will be seen, however, even with a bolder lip, the total look will still look natural, classy, and put together.

2. Buns.
Messy buns. Structured buns. Top buns. Low buns. Side buns. Do you get it?? Actually, THIS may be my favorite trend of the season! I'm such a low maintenance girl, and I can very often be found with my hair in a bun. Any variation of a bun is something I love. Buns are classic, classy, and simply gorgeous. You can create so many different looks with a bun, and you can dress it up in so many different ways. I cant express my love for hair that is in a bun, so I'm extremely excited to see all the brides this season with a bun of their own!

3. Metallics and Peaches.
So, I combined 2 trends into one because I love both of them so much. This season, beautiful golds and bronzes are going to be seen a lot. Accents of these colors in your makeup will bring your skin a beautiful, warm glow. Golden bronzers and eyeshadows will be very popular, and peachy, coral colored, glossy lips will be all the rage. I'm super excited for this trend because I love golden and peach colors! Something about them just screams SUMMER to me! They bring a beautiful warmth to the skin, show off blue eyes, and make you feel and looks glamourously natural!

I cant wait to see (and do!!) all of these trends this year! What are some of your favorite bridal trends for 2012?!

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