Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rob Roy Academy Makeup Demo

Hey there beauties.

As you know, I've been in the beauty industry since 2005 ( 7 years going strong! ), and my experience is very diverse. I've worked in salons, behind the department store makeup counter, for pro beauty suppliers, drugstore cosmetics sales, direct sales with a cosmetics company, and as the owner of my own salon. Over the years, I've acquired quite a bit of knowledge about hair care, skin care, and makeup artistry. One of the things that I love to do most is share my knowledge with others. Thats why I was so excited to be able to go in to the Rob Roy Academy in Woonsocket, RI and do a makeup demo for the cosmetology and esthetics student.

I was invited to do the demo by one of my interns who is a cosmetology student at the school. I've been working with her to teach her more about makeup artistry, so she asked if I would be interested in doing a demonstration for the students in her class. So, on February 1st, I was invited to do my demo. What really made me happy about this was that the students actually got a chance to ask questions and get them answered. I've found over the years that so many cosmetology students go through their program, and are only equipped with basic knowlege of hair care. Even though cosmetology is the study of hair, skin, and nails, the focus in on hair, and students leave school without ever having done a makeup application, or having their questions about makeup artistry answered. I was so happy to be able to offer them the opportunity to ask and get those answers.

My Intern, Lisa, was my model (since she gets private training from me at any given time). On Lisa, I showed the students how I prep my clients by using the proper skin care on them, and by askin clients questions about their skin and the look that they want to achieve. Then I went into a basic makeup application for them. I showed them a very simple daytime makeup look that could easily be translated into an evening look. I taught the students basics about contouring, highlighlighting, and face shapes. I gave them an overview about different types of makeup from traditional liquid foundation to tinted moisturizer to minerals, and also taught them how to choose which one based on occasion, coverage, and skin type. Lastly, I gave them a very quick airbrush tutorial.

I was so happy to do the demo for this group of students. I really hope that I was able to inspire some of them to explore makeup artistry a little more! Now ladies, I dont only do this for students! If you'd like your very own makeup demo/lesson, let me know!

Check out some of the pics from the class:

You can view the rest of the pictures on my facebook:

Hope you guys enjoy! And remember, if you'd like a personalized makeup class, let me know! I'd love to share my knowledge with you.

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