Friday, February 24, 2012

Are Bridal Hair and Makeup Trials REALLY Important?

When planning a wedding, brides usually make sure to schedule all of the important things like cake and food tasting, viewing of your venue, meeting your photographer, and things of that nature. For some reason, though, it sometimes seems like hair and makeup are overlooked. In addition to scheduling all of the other important activities when planning your wedding, its also super important for a bride to schedule a hair and makeup trial with her stylist prior to the wedding date.

Why is it so important? Well, the purpose of a trial is to work out all of the details of how you will look on your wedding day. Trials make things easier for both the bride and the stylist because everything is totally spelled out. Trials for the stylist allow us to determine exactly what products we will be using for your look, how much or how little we need, and also we figure out exactly what look you are hoping to achieve, and work with you to create your vision. For the bride, trials are important because they allow you to rest assured that you will look exactly how you imagined on your wedding day.

Generally, for a hair trial, I like for my clients to arrive with clean, dry hair. This way, the hair isnt too oily, and if I need to add product to make the hair a little more "dirty", I can do that without worrying about product buildup. It is also important that when having a hair trial done, the bride should bring any hair accessories such as a veil, tiara, clips, or pins. This will give you a clearer idea of what your hair will look like on the day of your wedding. Also, if you have any pictures that will help you describe your dream hair-do, bring those along too.

For your makeup trial, it is always necessary to start with a clean face. You should also bring pictures that may help you best describe how you'd like your makeup to look, then your makeup artist will offer advice and opinions on what might be best for you. During your makeup trial, you can determine whether or not traditional foundation or airbrush foundation is right for you. Also, colors will be chosen that will compliment your skin tone and makeup you look your absolute best.

Trials are also SOOO important because not only do they show you how you will look on your wedding day, but you are also able to find out how long your look will last. You will figure out any hair and makeup weaks that need to be made, and also find out the staying power of your look. So, do you see the importance of having a trial? Bridal beauty trials are nothing to be skipped!! Remeber, a photo can last forever! Now that we are in the digital age, your entire wedding album may end up on FaceBook, and can be shared through the internet for years to come. So its important to make sure that your look is on point for your big day. By booking a trial, you will save yourself a lot of stress on your wedding day!

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