Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bridal Photoshoot

Hey guys and girls! I have to tell you about how much fun I had yesterday! I've been dying to just style someone up and take some bridal inspired photos just for the fun of it. So when Lydia, one of the girls on my Beauty Angels Hair and Makeup Squad, told me that she had a wedding gown, I was all over it! I immediately contacted my good photographer friend Kevin Auger and set up a photoshoot.

The shoot took place at my studio, M.A.W.Beauty Hair & Makeup Studio. Lydia arrived early that morning and we got right to work. She showed me her gown and veil, and we decided to keep her looking very classic. Lydia is absolutely gorgeous, and has somewhat of a vintage and innocent vibe to her, so I wanted the photos reflect that. Lydia is also in her early 20's, so I wanted the pictures to also reflect the fact that she is still young. So we went to work!

We had about four or five different looks. We had lots of different accessories to play with, from hair combs, to clips, to earrings, and her GORGEOUS veil. (SIDEBAR: Lydia's veil made me want to go out and buy a veil just to wear on a daily was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!) Some of the looks we did included having Lydia's hair out with loose curls, then pinned into a low bun, then out and wild, and then up in a high, carefree top bun. The makeup didnt really change much throughout the shoot. We did a natural, slightly smoky eye, and for the lips, we went from a coral to a light pink, to a brighter pink, to a red lip.

This shoot was so much fun for me because my studio was in such dissaray, there were people all over the place (one of my other Beauty Angels, Samantha F. was there, and my friend Nora stopped by as well), and we got pretty creative with just the few decorative items that I had around the studio! This just goes to show how you can create such beauty with just a little creativity.

I haven't seen all of the pictures yet, but Kevin posted a few of them online and I snatched them up really quick! I'm so excited to see the rest of the pictures, and as soon as I get them, I will be posting! But until then, here are three shots that I am totally in love with! Hope you enjoy!!

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