Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alterna Haircare

Hey all! So much has been happening in these past few weeks...its just incredible! I can't update you all just yet on EVERYTHING...I must provide you details in moderations ;) But one detail to the bigger picture that I'd love to share with you is an amazing hair care product line that I've come across and I'm pretty sure that I love.

This new brand that I tried is called Alterna Haircare. I know, this brand is nothing "new", but its new to me. I've been looking for a "clean", professional, hair care line that will actually deliver great results, and I believe that I've finally found it. Let me "clean", I mean healthy. Alterna products are all free of all the ingredients that are bad for you. Ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and mineral oil are sadly found in most hair care products on the market today, however, Alterna chooses not to use these ingredients because they understand that they are harmful, but they know that great products can be created without the use of those harmful ingredients. Alterna also does not test on animals, which is a good thing in my book because I love animals and lots of people are agains cruelty as well.

So I tried a the Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner from their Bamboo line. The shampoo impressed me because most sulfate free shampoos are so watery that you need to use a lot, but this shampoo was very rich and luxurious. I literally used maybe a quarter size amount and got the most amazing lather. Which brings me to my second point of impression with this shampoo...the fact that its sulfate free and gave such a good lather, as most sulfate free shampoos do not lather at all. LOVED that! I'm a conditioner nut...I have very thick, dry, tightly coiled hair and I'm totally chemical free. My hair requires major hydration and major detangling, and the best way to do that is when its soaking wet with palmfuls (yes, palmFULS) of conditioner in it. With the Anti-Frizz Conditioner, I used maybe 2 half dollar-sized squirts and my hair was covered. To detangle, I didnt even use a comb...just lightly took sections of my hair and detangled with my fingers. I think the conditioner made this an easy process for me.

After washing my hair, I used Alterna's Bamboo Kendi Pure Oil Treatment. Let me just say this one word about this stuff...HEAVEN. Okay, two words...PURE HEAVEN. This product comes with a dropper. I used 1 full drop, rubbed it through my hair and made sure it was spread evenly. I always put oils first because I feel they are best absorbed without anything blocking them. After that, I used the Perfect Blowout Creme from Alterna's Caviar line. And guess what, my blowout was pretty darn perfect. I rubbed about a nickel sized amount through my hair. First off, it smelled heavenly, but secondly, I could immediately feel a difference in my hair with this product on it. I felt like my hair was soft and silky. The Kendi Oil and Perfect Blowout Creme truly made blowdrying my hair a breeze. My round brush literally ran through my hair nice and smoothly. No tangles, no frustration. Normally, I take breaks in between blowing my hair out because its a lot of work, but I really just sat there and did it because it was just EASY.

Lastly, I Alterna's Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist. Can I just tell you, this stuff was so lightweight on my hair its not even funny. A lot of shine sprays and mists will leave you feeling greasy...not this one HONEY! Oh no! My hair felt so soft, light, shiny, and it smelled fabulous!!

So, a total of 5 products were used in my hair...2 for cleansing, 2 for pre-styling, and only 1 product for styling. And when I tell you I was impressed, I was impressed. I will continue to purchase Alterna. There were a few other products that I read about and saw in the beauty supply when I went, so I will be trying and reviewing those for you as well.

Alterna has my stamp of approval! Check out their website at Its good stuff, and its also good FOR you stuff!!

Have you ever tried Alterna? Have you had any experiences with this brand? Let me know!

P.S....sorry I didnt post any pictures of these products, but honestly, I'm sleepy!! And I'm writing this, and heading off to bed!! Nighty night beautiful people :)

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