Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Five Tips for Fabulous Skin

So you say you want to have great skin, huh?

Well, there are five easy, basic actions that you should take daily to keep your skin looking fab.

Step 1: Drink PLENTY of water...I drink at LEAST 32oz of water on a daily basis. A hydrated body equals hydrated skin.

Step 2: Eat well...a diet rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants will keep your skin looking its best.

Step 3: Wear SUNSCREEN...simply put, protect your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays. FACT: 90% of what you will look like in the future is based on external factors. Soooo...WEAR SUNSCREEN!!

Step 4: Keep your skin clean...always wash makeup off of your face at night. Every night that you go to sleep wearing your makeup, aging of the skin will increase. And we all know that's not cool. So make sure you wash your face off at night, and if your skin calls for it, wash it in the morning too.

Step 5: Use products that are CORRECT for YOUR skin...if you have oily skin, why use products for dry, chapped skin? Or if you're dry, why use products that target acne? Make sure that you are using a skin care regimen that is specifically tailored for YOUR skin type. If you are unsure about that, seek out the help of a PROFESSIONAL...and by professional, I mean someone who has been trained and preferrably has been to school to specialize in skin care.

There you have it! Follow these five easy steps, and follow them consistently, and I can assure you that your skin will stay looking its best.

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