Friday, September 23, 2011

Vintage Vogue

I love Vogue Magazine. I know that the magazine is comprised of lots of advertisements, but for someone like myself, who studied Marketing in school, I find them interesting. I love everything about Vogue though. I love the articles. The fact that they talk not only about beauty, but cultural and social happenings as well.

But, what I love most are the Vogue Magazine covers. Especially the vintage covers. They inspire me. The illustrated covers that transcended into covers with living models, down to the color schemes, and themes that were used truly inspire me. The images are not only from a place of style, but also class. Vogue oozes nothing but class and sophistocation to its readers, and that image shows through its cover flow. Here are some of my favorite vintage vogue images. Hope you enjoy them, or find some inspiration from them, as much as I do.

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