Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Philosophy On Beauty

I believe that every woman wants to look and feel like the best version of herself. She wants to put her best face forward for the world to see. It is so easy for women to look in a magazine and see images of models and celebrities, and feel as though they must do their best to look like they just stepped out of that magazine too. But lets be totally real and honest; most ordinary women dont have the time, energy, or training to make themselves look that way. But it is a fact that every woman just wants to look beautiful, feminine, put together, and confident.

I have seen other makeup artists literally make women look like drag queens on their wedding day, using heavy foundation or eye makeup or severe lip liner. In my opinion, most women just want to look like themselves...especially on their wedding day. I have seen hair stylists create a look that they think will be perfect for their client, however, the look is totally un-managable for the client to maintain or impossible to re-create at home. All women want is to look and feel fabulous, without having to use tons of products, time, or major skill to achieve the look.

I believe very strongly in simplicity. But I also believe in glamour. Basically, I believe a woman should be simply glamourous. When a woman steps out of my hair or makeup styling chair, they should feel that the look they are walking away with makes them look efforlessly glamourous. They should feel like the world is looking at them for all the right reasons. They should feel confident that the look that was created for them enhances all of their best features, and brings out their natural beauty. They should feel confident that they can maintain their hairstyle at home, even if it doesnt look exactly how I, as a stylist, did it. They should feel that the makeup application that they received made them look like it was just them, only enhanced. And, they should feel like they have taken away a few new tips and skills that will allow for them to make themselves look and feel the same way in between salon visits.

Beauty is not about looking perfect. Beauty is about being you. Because nobody is perfect, yet there is still beauty within everybody. And if I can help to bring that beauty out, whether it be for your wedding day, photography session, special event, or even just a regular salon visit to pamper yourself and make you feel fabulous, then I feel like I am doing my part within the Professional Industry of Beauty, and really conveying the message about what "Beauty" TRULY is.

That is my take on beauty. That is what I believe women want. How do I know? Because I am a woman. And even though I love providing hair and makeup services on others as well as myself, I'm also a very low maintenance girl. I understand that women dont have time for a full face of makeup and to style their hair up. Because I sometimes dont have time myself. I understand that a woman just wants to look and feel like herself, because I want to feel the same way. I get that most women dont really even have the skill or training to create the look that I create for them. Because at one point, I didnt have it either...I just had the interest and passion in order to learn.


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