Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Style: My New Bag!

For the past month or so, I've been on the hunt. I've been looking for THE perfect bag. A bag that will take me through the end of the summer, well into fall and winter. And, finally, I have found that bag...

I had requirements for my new bag. First, I wanted for it to be colorful. Nothing too over the top, but still something that will stand out and catch your eye. This requirement was met as soon as I laid eyes on it...the beautiful plum color caught my eyes immediately, and from that moment, I knew that THIS was "The One". My second requirement was that the bag needed to be big and oversized, but not HUGE. I carry a lot of things with me throughout the day...generally, I will have my wallet, makeup bag, planner, hand lotion, reading book, umbrella, and any other necessity that I may feel I need at any given time. All of these items MUST be able to fit in my purse. This bag holds everything that I need! Next, I needed for this bag to have a shoulder strap, but also to be able to just carry around my forearm (so that I look extra chic ;P lol)...requirement MET! And lastly, I didn't want my bag to just be plain...I like the little details. My new bag is accented with a gold chain and gold detailing, which is great because I love and wear mostly gold.

I purchased my bag at Francesca's Collections at the Garden City location in Cranston, Rhode Island. This bag was well worth the $50.00 that I paid...I foresee myself getting more than plenty of use out of it and carrying it for quite some time! Hope you guys like it as much as I do!

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