Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Top 5 Beauty Must Haves

So, I was thinking about all of the beauty products that I use on a daily basis, and I realized that there are just certain products that are in constant rotation. These products are definitely my MUST HAVE ITEMS. I just cant live without them. With the change of the season, and all of this cold weather, my must have items have adapted to the weather. Here is a list of my Top 5 must have beauty items for the winter:

1. Arbonne BefoRE Sun Lip Saver
WHY?: First off, I'm addicted to lip balms. My lips have a tendancy to get very dry, so I am constantly using this product to keep them hydrated. A little bit goes a long way with this lip saver, and I love the fact that, unlike the majority of lip products, this one contains NO mineral oil, chemical dyes, fragrances, or animal byproduct. PLUS, it also has an SPF of 30, and if you know me, you know I am all for sun protection.

2. Coconut Oil
WHY?: It may sound strange that I use coconut oil in my hair, since generally, it is used for cooking, but this stuff is the TRUTH. My hair is very curly, very frizzy, and very dry. I use coconut oil as a light weight oil for my scalp and on the ends of my hair. As soon as I put it in my hair, I feel an instant difference. My hair is immediately more hydrated, softer, and more managable. When my hair feels super dry, I also use this for deep conditioning treatments. I'll use whatever deep treatment I'm using at the moment, and add a little bit of coconut oil to the mix for an extra dose of hydration. You will not believe the shine that my hair has after. I love this stuff!

3. Arbonne FC5 Skin Conditioning Oil
WHY?: As soon as the weather got cold, my eczema started acting up. I mean acting UP!! I've always had a small patch of eczema on my left hand, but this winter, I recently developed small patches on the back of my left arm, and around my's so annoying and itchy, and not to mention unattractive. But when I use my Skin Conditioning Oil, the itch almost immediately goes away, and the irritated area seems to almost disappear. This oil does not leave you actually feeling "oily" either. And I just LOVE how it smells! FC5 products contain cells from strawberries, mango, kiwi, carrots, and pumpkin that stay freshly entact until they make contact with your the skin is getting all of the soothing and hydrating benefits of these ingredients at their finest. I also use this a cuticle oil around my nails to keep my cuticles hydrated. Even my little dog Macho loves FC5 - everytime I use this on my hand he tries to lick it off!

4. Water
WHY?: Okay, this sounds like a no brainer. I absolutely love drinking water. I'd rather drink water over anything else. I love nothing better than an ice cold glass of water. Sometimes, I can tell that my skin is just SCREAMING for water..not to be used topically, but internally. After 25 years of being in the skin that I'm in, I know my skin very well. When it tells me it needs exfoliation, I exfoliate. When it tells me it needs a deep pore cleansing, I use a mask. When it tells me that its tired, I give it a break by not wearing makeup and getting rest. And when it tells me its thirsty, I drink water. Simple as that.

5. Arbonne Clear Advantage Spot Treatment
WHY?: Oh, the joys of acneic skin. This post just made me realize that I'm a huge skin care mess...seriously! I have breakouts, oily skin, and eczema...I'm a hot little mess! But seriously, this product works wonders on those random pimples that pop up and just seem to stick around for days. I find that within a few hours of using this spot treatment, my pimple has already begin to disappear a little. If I use it again before going to bed, I almost dont have a pimple in the morning when I wake up. This product is a must have for keeping my skin clear enough so that I dont have to wear makeup (unless I want to). For the most part, I'm a minimalist. I love makeup, but I dont always like to wear makeup because I break out so much, plus I dont always have time to do my makeup the way I'd like. So with my spot treatment, I'm in the clear...literally lol! My breakouts get treated in a very effective and efficient manner with this little tube of treatment. Plus, unlike a lot of other spot treatments, it doesnt dry the skin out as it is treating the problem area. The Clear Advantage Spot Treatment is good stuff.

So what are some of your favorite items that you just cant live without this winter? Do you have a favorite hand cream, eyeshadow color, hair product? Fill me in!!

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