Sunday, October 31, 2010

Arbonne 5-in1 Essential Massage Oil

"Its been a long time, we shouldn't have left you without a new beat to step to..."

...well...I shouldn't have left you without a new post to read!! Sorry for the hiatus, I've just been pretty busy between work, building my Arbonne business, and life in general. This post was inspired due to a current life event. You see, I'm finding myself on a quest for health lately, and in that quest, I've began excercising like a mad woman. I've been taking zumba and body sculpting classes and they're kicking my butt (and also lifting and toning it too!!). My body has been so achy lately and my poor out of shape muscles are so SORE! So tonight, I had to do something to ease the pain!! I decided to try a nice, hot bath. I'm not usually one for baths...generally, I prefer a shower, but my muscles were begging for it.

While I let the tub fill up with hot water, I decided to "Arbonnize" my bath lol. I wanted to create an incredibly relaxing experience for myself because its very rare that I even get to relax like that, so I grabbed what was left in my bottle of Arbonne's 5-in-1 Essential Massage Oil from their Detox line.
I only had a little bit left in the bottle so I just poured it all in. As the tub filled, I could smell the Lavender, Bergamot, and Pepermint Oils filling the air in my bathroom. I was relaxed just by the smell! When I got in the tub, my body immediately felt calm. I literally just soaked and gave my muscles a much needed massage. I didn't feel extremely "slippery" or "oily" at all. In fact, my skin felt wonderful! My skin looked and felt extremely hydrated and conditioned. With the change of weather, my arms and a small area of my left hand have been a little irritated and itchy with eczema, but when I finished soaking, my skin felt so good that I completely forgot about the eczema. It was wonderful.
The essential oil blend that is used in this product contain stimulating marine derived ingredients to help remove toxins and deliver nourishing minerals. Deep skin conditioning is provided by linoleic acid derived from sunflower, safflower, jojoba, lavendar, and olive oil. Bisabolol from chamomile provides calming and anti-irritating effects. I use this product daily by mixing it in with my body cream, and I sometimes use it alone, but I really love the effects that I'm seeing from using it as a bath oil.
This 5-in-1 formula preps skin for further detox treatments and can be used for body and facial massage, as a bath additive, as a purifying facial steam and for relaxing aroma therapy. By using it as a bath additive, I basically covered all the uses in one shot!!
As I said before, I use this oil very regularly, but I'm glad I found another use for it! To purchase this product, visit and click on the "shop online" tab!

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