Monday, May 31, 2010

My Curl Concoction

With warm weather and hot, humid days quickly arriving, I've decided that it is best embrace my naturally curly hair for the summer months. During the winter, I felt that straighteing my hair was an easier option becaus I wouldn't have to leave the house with wet hair on cold days. However, seeing as how we've already experienced quite a few high humidity days here in Rhode Island already, I'm thinking that the 2-3 hours that I spend round brush blow drying my hair and flat ironing it may not be worth the work. So curly it is!

In the three years since I stopped relaxing my hair, I've tried so many different creams, serums, gels, mousses, conditioners...the list goes on! You name it, I've probably tried it!! So after a recent visit to my tried and true stylist and former employer, I decided to try out her recommendation. She recommended that I try using Paul Mitchell's "The Cream" leave-in conditioner and some of the "Super Skinny Serum" as well. I'll admit, at first I was a little weary. I mean, my curlies are NOT like everyone elses. They are dry, brittle, and COMPLETELY frizzy!! I was skeptical...until I tried it!

I've always felt that in order to get the definition in my curls that I want, I needed to use gel. But, when I use gel, it makes my hair hard and it just doesn't feel..."right". So after I washed my hair, I took small sections of my hair and applied my little concoction. A dab of The Cream, and a squirt of Super Skinny. I've always loved Paul Mitchell products and when I used to relax my hair I'd actually use them to get a little curl as well. But yes, I washed my hair, then applied my mix section by section. Immediately, I began to see definition in my curlies. I was pleasantly surprised! I washed my hair at night, so instead of just letting my curls dry, I took each section that I applied product to and did two strand twists. That way, my hair wouldn't get frizzy as I slept. Once my hair was all twisted up, I tied it down with a silk scarf, and I ALWAYS sleep on satin pillow cases. Then off to bed I went!

In the morning, I was very surprised that my hair was 100% dry! Usually, when I go to bed with my hair wet, I wake up with it still wet! It must have been that Super Skinny Serum at work because it is supposed to cut drying time. I smoothed on a little more Super Skinny as I took each twist out, and I noticed how soft and shiny my hair was. I also noticed how defined each section was. I separated each section, and this is the final look that I got...

This look is very quick and easy to achieve, and usually lasts me about 3-5 days. At night, I simply put the twists back into my hair to keep it from getting too frizzy and its a wrap!!

So, what do you guys do with your hair in the hot humid months? Do you go curly, toss it in a ponytail or bun, straighten, or what?

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