Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just A Random Beauty Though...

I'm constantly exposed to a large variety of beauty products. My full time job as a Beauty Advisor at a national retail store exposes me to a lot of economy brand proucts. By economy brand, I mean brands such as L'Oreal, Neutrogena, Revlon, etc. I also work with premium French brands such as La Roche Posay, Vichy, and Lierac. Other brands in the premium category include Clinique, Estee Lauder, and Lancome. In my personal venture as an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International, I am exposed to products in the ultra premium product category.

While at work today, I began thinkin to myself...

In the past, I've used economy products. Personally, I would find that these products would work for a little while, but the results that I would see were not consistent. I'm very oily and prone to acne, and when using economy brands, my skin would be great one minute and then break out again. My mom is always shopping for something, and she would order Philosophy's Microdelivery Peel, as well as other Philosophy products. This is when I began to notice the difference in my skin when using premium skin care products versus economy brands. The texture of my skin began to change. Instead of excessive oil and pimples, my skin began to look clear and smooth. At one point, I had landed a Consultant position at the Clinique Counter in Manhattan. When I began to use their 3-Step skin care system and cosmetics from this brand, I began to notice a huge difference in how my skin looked. The oil in my skin was controlled, but I wasn't using a bunch of products with salicylic acid that were creating reverse effects on my skin (too much salicylic acid will absorb the oil in your skin, and eventually trick your sebaceous glands into producing MORE oil...leading to MORE breakouts. The result is NOT cute). I also noticed that when I used better quality cosmetics on my face, the results were much nicer as well. The makeup wore better. The eye shadows had stronger pigment and did not look chalky or wear off during the day, as some economy brands do.

For the past few months, I've been using ultra premium Swiss skin care products from Arbonne. And let me tell you, I've noticed a major difference in my skin. Now, I'm not being biased because I'm and Independent Consultant. I'm being honest because I've worked closely with a number of different brands, and I've also used a million different products. I have not had a problem with lots of oil or major breakouts since I've started using these higher quality products. When I wear makeup, I find that it looks and feels incredibly natural on my skin. In fact, the ingredients in the cosmetics actually benefit my skin rather than clog my pores and increase breakouts. I think I'm just finding that products that are better quality, and made with better ingredients are just better for me.

So, my though at work today was what do most women prefer? Do most women look for a great price on their skin care and cosmetics? Or, are consumers more partial to the quality of their beauty products?

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