Monday, February 1, 2010

How Are Your Actions Reflecting Your Desires?

I've been reflecting on my life and the things I want lately.

I think this serious reflection may have come about because on my next birthday, I will be turning 25, and I feel as though I should be in a "different" place than where I am right now. Now, I must admit that when I was younger, I was completely unfocused, and didn't set goals to save my life. And also, we're currently in this crazy recession, so it's truly difficult to get ahead right now. However, I still feel that for myself, I should be further along in life...more stable and more independent.

So this brings me to ask the question: How are my actions reflecting my desires??

I really had to sit down and think about this one. After posing my initial question, I had to ask my self, "Self, what ARE your desires anyway?" The answer to that is very simple for me to answer. I want to be able to pay off my debt, move into a place of my own, purchase a new vehicle, help my parents out (because they always help me...its time to return the favor), invest my money for the future, enjoy my career, travel, and spend more time with the important people in my life. Those are my desires. I've always used the phrase "Don't talk about it, be about it", and I truly feel that right now, that's exactly what I need to do.
So, what am I doing to work towards fulfilling my desires? First off, since I've always been passionate about the beauty industry, I'm currently holding three (yes, THREE) jobs in that industry. I work as a Beauty Advisor, who specializes in skin care. I also work as a Stylist in a salon. Lastly, I'm Owner of my own home based network marketing business with a skin care base. Each of these positions push me a little closer to fulfilling my desires because they give me knowledge, experience, and the opportunity to network. My ultimate goal is to grow my home based business, invest in opening a few Salon/Spas (and developing a training system for my staff...possibly even opening a cosmetology school), and retiring at some point in my 30's. Some might say I'm crazy, considering this recession and all. However, I beg to differ...the steps that I'm taking now just might lead me right where I think I will end up. In fact, I'm quite confident.

So I ask you, my friends, how are your actions reflecting your desires? Are you actively taking steps to reach your goals?

Just think about this...if you continue to do exactly what you're doing right now, where will YOU end up in five years?

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