Sunday, January 31, 2010

Skin Care.....So What?!?!?

So, I work as a Beauty Advisor for a national retail store. It is part of my job to talk to people about skin care, products, and building a regimen. I want to educate my consumer. Its not that I push products on people, but its very common that they come to me looking for a solution to their skin concerns. This is where a consultation comes in. During a consultation, I try to get to the root of their problem by asking questions, like if they have any pre-existing skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, etc., if they are sensitive at all to any specific ingredients or fragrance, and I discuss their skin type (dry, normal, combo, or oily). I also like to find out what it is that the client or customer is currently using, and why they are looking for something else...and to my chagrin, what I find is that people aren't really using much of anything!!! Let me elaborate:

It is unbelieveabley common for people to tell me that their skin routine consists of them just "splashing water" on their face to cleanse it, or even using a simple bar of soap. Water alone does not remove dirt (do you just use water to wash your body in the shower?), and bar soap normally isnt pH correct to your skin (skin has a normal pH of 4.5-6, whereas a bar soap has a pH of around 9-10...can we say DRY SKIN?!)

A normal skin care routine usually consists of a quick and easy three step process: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize. At times, depending on your skin condition or concern, a fourth step of "Treating" the skin may be added. These steps, when used for your specific skin type and concerns, have been clinically proven to improve the quality and health of your skin. However, I speak to so many people on a daily and weekly basis, and its so suprising to find out how many people are NOT following these three steps.

There are all sorts of excuses as to why people do not properly take care of their skin: "I dont have time", "I cant afford it", "I'm not really into beauty". Let me give you the one reason why you SHOULD find a little extra time, money, and interest for taking better care of your skin.

Your skin is the largest living, breathing organ of your entire body. Your skin acts as a barrier to all of your internal organs, and protects them against external environmental aggressors. Your skin probably does the toughest job of all your other organs...without your skin, your organs will be exposed, and you will not don't see people walking around without skin, do you? People spend so much time and money on methods to keep their insides healthy (sure, you SHOULD be taking care of your body from the inside out), however, no one seems to think about taking care of themselves from the outside in.

By making a daily habit of Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing your skin twice each day, your skin and body will thank you. Some would ask: "Twice each day??!! Isn't once each day enough?" The answer to that is an honest "NO". The cleansing process in the morning prepares your skin for the day. If done correctly, it will remove any impurities that have found your skin overnight, prepare your skin to recieve moisture and makeup if you wear it, and it will also protect you from external aggressors such as pollution, and the sun's harmful rays which cause Cancer. When done at night, the cleansing process will remove all the dirt and debris that have found your skin throughout the day, prepare your skin for treatment (anti-aging, acne, etc.), and ultimately correct and improve your skin concerns.

So, the moral of this story is take care of your skin!! If you already are, then GREAT JOB!! But if you are someone who just "doesn't have time, money, or interest", my professional recommendation is that you find it. Those three steps could actually improve your life, and in some cases, save it.

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