Monday, September 3, 2012

Wedding Season 2012

I feel like its been such a long time since I've posted anything on this blog. My last post was sometime in May, but that is all with good reason though. I've written about it in a previous post so many already know, but last November, I opened MAWBeauty Hair & Makeup Studio and went full time in March. These past few months, I've been totally hectic having an amazing wedding season.

In March, when I quit my full time job, I literally only had 2 weddings booked for the month of May. I was totally winging it and taking a huge leap of faith by quitting my job to create my dream. Today, on September 3, 2012, I am glad to say that I'm so happy that I trusted myself and God, and went full force with my business.

In the grand scheme of Bridal Hair and Makeup Artistry, it seems to me that many people do multiple weddings in one day, let alone one weekend. That wasnt totally the case for me this year, however, I can say that I'm super proud of where my business is at. Since March, when I only had those 2 weddings booked, I've been able to secure a current total of 24 weddings for the year. I've also been managed to book 2 weddings for June, of them being a DESTINATION WEDDING in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!!! I have to say that, while my goal is actually to do 50 weddings during my first year, I do feel very blessed that I've been able to book as many as I have. I'm half way to my goal!

I think its crazy how, when you put what you want out there, the univers will long as you're working for it and not just expecting it to come to you. While I'm incredibly proud of what I've done so far, I cant take total credit for it. Through the process of booking and building my business, I put together a very talented team of hair and makeup artists who have helped to make what I've done so far, and what I will do in the future, possible. Some girls came on board, but ended up jumping ship to work with more established businesses, while others waited the course and are still with me today. I'm thankful for each and every artist that I've had the opportunity to work with...because whether they are with me now or not, my business wouldnt be where its at now without that experience.

So, between in-studio clients, bridal trials, weddings every weekend, periodic bridal expos, fashion shows, photoshoots, and such, I've managed to stay quite busy this past summer, and I've managed to have what I'm considering to be quite a successful 1st bridal season!

...and to continue reaching for my goal of 50 weddings for my first year in business, I will just put it out there that IF YOU ARE A BRIDE, OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW IS GETTING MARRIED, BE SURE TO CALL MAWBeauty Hair & Makeup Studio to handle all of your bridal beauty needs!! We love our brides and are so thankful for those who have already chosen and trusted in us to provide hair and makeup services for them and their bridal parties for such an important day in their lives!!

To inquire about availability for your date, or for pricing, please contact:

Melissa Wilson, Owner/Principle Artist

Here's to a super successful 2012 wedding season!!! Cant wait for 2013!!

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