Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Let Me Update You!

Hello Beauties!! Its been a while since I've posted, but with very good reason! Let me update you on the past month or so...

When I began this blog, and also when I opened my hair and makeup studio, I was stuck working a full time job. Actually, I was working a full time job, teaching zumba, doing hair and makeup "whenever", and working my Arbonne business. My life was nothing but hectic. I was all over the place, and I was totally unhappy, and truly worn out. Just plain exhausted. I took a look at everything that I was doing and realized this: I LOVE hair and makeup artistry, I LOVE Arbonne, and I LOVE zumba. What I hated was my full time job. I hated the fact that I answered to a "boss". I hated that there was no advancement opportunities (unless I advanced into a position that I knew I would be fully unhappy in). I hated that someone else decided what my time and efforts were worth. I hated the fact that I spent my days couped up in a store with four walls while there was LIFE happening outside. I hated the fact that I got no help whatsoever with projects within my department, while any other project in my store had 2 or more people on it. I also hated the fact that while I was out of my department for the weekend, I would come back to a disaster because no one cared to help look after it while I was gone. Nothing would get done in my absence, and work would pile up...creating more work, more stress, and less time for me.

On March 18th, I turned 27 years old. I looked back at the first 6 years of my twenties. From age 19-23, I was in a long-term relationship, and really kind of lost sight of who "Melissa" was. I became who I was in my relationship. I didnt do a lot of the things that I loved to do, and I also listened to a lot of what other people had to say and took their advice on how my life should be. From age 21-23, I lived in New Jersey with my ex-boyfriend. During this time, I basically became a real "adult". We had rent to pay, so I did what I had to do to earn a paycheck...I worked in an office for a period of time, then worked in retail. I left my passion and creativity behind because I knew we had responsibilities. I moved home to Rhode Island a few months after my 23rd birthday, and from 23-26, I worked the full time job that I just left. I was really unclear on where my life was going, and what I really wanted for my future. I found myself entering the last 3 years of my twenties, and while I dont in any type of way look at the first 6 years as a waste, I decided that the last 3 would be on MY terms.

I gave my full time job my 2 weeks notice on March 16, 2012...two days before I turned 27. That was truly the scaries thing that I've done in a long time, but it was the BEST feeling. I remembered how it felt when I left Rhode Island to move to New Jersey with maybe $250 in my bank account (that got blown through REAL quick!!) and a load of bills and credit card debt. I was so scared, but I KNEW it was what I was supposed to be doing at the time. That is exactly what I felt walking into my manager's office to tell him that I was leaving the company I had been with for the past 3 1/2 years...the company that paid me every week and gave me health and medical benefits.

I left my full time job, and have gone to work on my dreams. M.A.W.Beauty Hair & Makeup Studio is my passion now. I love working with my team of freelance artists, whom I have named the Beauty Angels, and providing our beauty services using Arbonne's luxury products. We specialize in hair and makeup artistry for bridal, photography, and fashion...and I'm LOVING every minute of it. I am now able to focus on educating people about products that I am passionate about, and offer people a little piece of hope through telling them about the Arbonne Opportunity. I'm also able to offer my Beauty Angels the opportunity to expand their artistry, as well as their personal business with the Arbonne Opportunity (if they decide they want it). I feel blessed. I realized today that I no longer complain about money. I no longer complain about time (well, sometimes I dont have enough time...growing two businesses takes a lot of it!!), and I no longer complain about hatine my job. THAT is how I woke up feeling today, and that was the BEST feeling I've felt in a long time. I still teach zumba because I enjoy it and I love the women who come to my class. Leaving my full time job, and having the faith to pursue my passion was the best decision I've made yet.

I cant wait to see where my life is heading. I'm positive that its going in a direction that I couldnt even imaging...I'm going to heights that I cant even fathom. All because I stepped out on faith.

So, that is my update for you!! And on that note, I encourage you to step out on your own faith! If there is something you've been dying to do, but you were scared or nervous that it wouldnt work out...JUST DO IT!!! You may fail, but guess is not over. I think failing is when you dont even try. You owe it to yourself to try your best! During the month of May, I will be doing my best to blog a little more. I love to write, so I WILL be writing on a more consistent basis. I'll keep you updated on all of my adventures!!

That being said, LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE beauties!!

Peace, love, and beauty <3