Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot Summer Nails

Normally, I'm the kind of girl who loves neutral, natural colors on my fingers. I often times dont even wear nail polish at all because I am constantly doing things with my hands and I hate the way chipped nail polish looks. But I guess that maybe summer has gotten into me because right now I'm absolutely LOVING bright, fun, funky nails. Let me show you...

This morning, I was having such a hard time deciding which color to go with. I had pretty much my whole nail polish collection sitting out on my dining room table. I have tons of bright blues, but for some reason, I was really being drawn towards the warmer the oranges, hot pinks, and yellows, as you can see from my swatches lol. All of them were so pretty and looked really nice, so my decision was a pretty difficult one! BUT, a choice had to be made! Check out my final decision below..

The color I chose is called "Tarte Deco" by Essie. I've always been a fan of Essie nail my opinion, they have a great selection of colors, and they wear so well. I topped of my ring finger and thumb with some Crackle nail polish by China Glaze, and some chunky gold sparkles from Sephora. I'm LOVING my nails today!!

What about you guys? Are you feeling the bright, summer colors on your nails, or are you into the more natural tones or french mani's? Do share!!

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